Here are a few of the questions we have been asked a lot. Have a question that isn’t answered on this page? Drop us a line on our contact page here.


Do you use samples in your beats?

Sometimes, but they will be copyright-free or licensed sounds. Our producers use a variety of methods to make music, and some of them sample instruments and other sound sources, but you won’t have to worry about clearing a license for any beat in our store.

Can I make Changes to 7th Dimension Beats?

Yes. You can do whatever you wish to make your project sound great. Chop it, loop it, add extra percussion, whatever you want as long as the credit to the 7th Dimension producer is intact when you market  your song.

Are beats downloaded automatically?

Yes. Once you make a payment you will be provided with a link to download your beat of choice.

What is a leased beat?

Our leased beats are are licensed to you 100% Royalty free with all of our licesnses. This means that you can sell your song made with our beats as many times as you want, perform it in as many venues as you want to, and broadcast it to however many sources you want. Basically you can do whatever you want with 7th Dimension beats as long as you don’t re-sell the beat as your own and give the producer credit. Simple right?